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How does switching energy providers work?
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Can I switch my electric company?

Yes, if you live in an area of the country where energy is deregulated. Fifteen states currently have some level of energy choice, though some have deregulated natural gas instead of electricity while others limit access to commercial customers.

Switching providers doesn’t change anything about how your electricity is delivered – you’ll just be billed by a different company at a different rate.

Why should I switch my energy supplier?

Switching to a competitive energy supplier is a quick and easy way to take control of your energy bill – for a home or business. When you shop around, you can choose the electricity plan that works for you, instead of the default. A few examples of when it might be time to switch:

Your bill varies widely from month to month.

  • If your bill feels unpredictable even though you use a similar amount of energy, you may want to consider a fixed rate plan. These plans let you lock in your electricity rate for a set period of time. They don’t fluctuate with spikes in the market so you can rest assured that your bill is stable.

You want to protect the planet.

  • Going green doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many renewable energy plans that are cost-competitive with conventional plans. If you want more control over where your energy comes from, a green energy plan might be the choice for you.

You don’t like your current provider.

  • The great thing about energy deregulation is that you aren’t stuck with one company. If something isn’t working with your current provider or you just want to try something new, there are many others with comparable plans and prices.

You’re not reaping the benefits of your current plan.

  • What’s the point of getting free electricity in the evening if you work the night-shift? What if you never use enough electricity to get the bill credit your plan offers? If you find this happening to you, consider looking for a plan that better fits your needs. That’s the benefit of having so many providers on the market!

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